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Hey Eugene,


It's very important to me that you understand what got me to this point and what I've done to get this far.  My story should inspire you and help you succeed with your business.  If I can overcome situations like I've dealt with, you should be capable of anything!


In June of 2005 I opened my first online business.  Two weeks later I went into a coma.  During the coma, I was literally fighting for my life.  I had Fight Club going on in my head.  I would open my eyes periodically and incorporate the nurses and visitors into my hallucinations.  It was actually quite interesting (I'll be covering it in more detail in my book - coming soon...).  On the ninth day of my coma, I locked eyes with my infant son (he's 2.5 now) for about sixty seconds and went back to sleep.  I awoke the next morning to find myself paralyzed from my waist down.


I had a hard time realizing that my legs didn't work.  I kept trying to get out of bed and walk.  Rehab lasted 3 weeks.  During the first week, I told the doctors that I was going home and they argued with me.  Of course, I left on the exact day I told them.  I was almost walking at this point.  They said they had never seen anyone bounce back so fast.


When I got home there was over $1000 in profit sitting in my Paypal account.  Thankfully my wife and brother figured out how to fill orders and customers were very understanding.  We built that business to over $400,000 in sales in our very first year online.


The Ebay business only took a few hours per day of actual work. 

This left 12 hours per day for me to research working online.  I spent thousands of dollars on miscellaneous Ebooks and software and found most of them to be garbage.  After awhile, I was able to find the gold in every product and apply it.  I also began to discover my own secrets and applied those, too.


On our one year anniversary, a vendor stole over $4000 from us.  A few customers realized there were issues and took the opportunity to get their money back without returning the actual products.  This cost another $2000.  We were mostly doing dropshipping and that cash had to come from somewhere, it cost us an extra $6000.  We decided to cut our losses and closed down the business.


We opened an SEO company for a few months and had great results, but found that unrealistic expectations made the service part very time consuming and closed that, too.  I decided to begin teaching others how to succeed online, as I had tactics that weren't being taught at that time.  I've released at least one new info product every month since.  We have also doubled our sales every month.


I've actually had 2 brushes with death.  I nearly died in 2003, as well as my coma in 2005.  I was leaving a bar with a few friends and we got attacked by a group of 20 people.  A car pulled up and a guy walked out with a gun.  He began walking toward my best friend.

 I was absolutely annihilated (drunk out of my mind) and decided to step in the way.  I asked him "We live in Wisconsin, what are you going to do with that?", his response was to pull the trigger.


The funny thing was that the gun was full of BBs, not bullets.  I responded by punching this genius.  He responded by hitting me with the butt of the gun.  The problem here is that the butt of a BB gun has a 1/2 inch metal nub on it.  That nub knocked a portion of my skull up against my brain.  I blacked out for a few seconds.  I do not remember any thing that happened next, but am told that I stomped on at least 5 of the 20 guys that attacked us.  I guess I was angry ;-)


The hit from the pistol missed my temple by an inch.  $30,000 worth of neurosurgery later, I was as good as new!


I mention this because it has a lot to do with what I want to tell you next.


During my coma in 2005, I had a conversation with someone.  I don't know who the conversation was with.  It could have been The Almighty, An Angel, or a Cruel Nurse.  I will never know the truth.

 I do know that the conversation has changed my life dramatically.


The conversation consisted of a lot of questions from me, trying to understand what was happening to me.  During my coma I hallucinated the entire time (this is may be part of those hallucinations).  I asked what was going on and why I was sick.  The response was that I should be dead.


He stated that I had lightning running through my veins and would not be going anywhere anytime soon. 


This man said that I had too much to offer the world to be taken away and until I fulfilled what he needed me to do, I would be invulnerable to Mr. Grim Reaper.  He stated that this was the second time he intervened when I was on the verge of death.


This is why I am called The Immortal Marketer.


What does all of that mean?  Probably not much.  I honestly assume that it was some crazy nurse that was placating me during one of my many hallucinations.


If I can achieve success with working online considering all that I've been through, so can you.


I consider it an honor to be able to take you by the hand and ensure you succeed!  Thank you for the opportunity!


Knowledge Can Never Die!


Ross Goldberg


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